Sectional Screw flight

Sectional Screw flight

  1. Custom Precision: Tailored dimensions for optimal performance and compatibility.
  2. Durable Materials: Built with high-quality steels to withstand harsh conditions and minimize wear.
  3. Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industries including agriculture, mining, and wastewater management.
  4. High Manufacturing Standards: Consistent delivery of high-quality, large-scale orders with strict quality control.
  5. Cost-Effective: Competitive pricing and lower maintenance costs enhance overall value.


Sectional Screw Flight Materials

At Jingwei, our sectional screw flights are manufactured from a variety of high-grade materials to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Our selection includes Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Wear Resistant Steel, and Stainless Steel, catering to diverse industrial requirements. The precision in material choice solves significant manufacturing challenges associated with large diameter, thick, and specially sized screw flights.

The use of high carbon steel and various alloy steels is particularly beneficial in environments where strength and resistance to wear are paramount. Each material is chosen based on its properties to provide the best performance in any given application, ensuring that our clients receive products that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

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Sectional Screw Flight Applications

Jingwei’s sectional screw flights are expertly made to serve a wide range of industries, highlighting our commitment to versatility and precision in application-specific manufacturing.

Our screw flights are commonly used in agricultural machinery for the movement and handling of grains and other bulk materials. They are also integral to various types of industrial equipment, including mixers, feeders, and conveyors that are essential in the food processing, mining, and chemical industries.

The ability to precisely control the dimensions and specifications of our screw flights allows them to be perfectly suited for tasks requiring meticulous material handling, such as the controlled feeding in biomass boilers or the transport of abrasive materials in construction. In the environmental sector, our screw flights are employed in wastewater treatment plants to move sludge and other semi-solids efficiently, demonstrating their strength and resistance to corrosive materials.

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Why Jingwei’s Sectional Screw Flights

1. Customizable Design 

Jingwei specializes in producing sectional screw flights with a single pitch shape where the inner and outer thickness remains consistent, promoting uniformity and balance in operation.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer customizable dimensions, where the outer diameter, inner diameter, and pitch can be precisely tailored to meet customer specifications.

This level of customization is ideal for a broad range of applications, including agricultural conveyors and elevators, where precise material handling is crucial. The flexibility in design ensures that our screw flights can be integrated into various machinery setups, enhancing efficiency and optimizing the material transport and processing tasks.

2. Primary Manufacturer of Sectional Screw Flights

Choosing Jingwei’s sectional screw flights means opting for a product that is designed with precision, manufactured for durability, and backed by a team of experts committed to quality.

Our products are renowned for their high manufacturing yield, substantial production capacity, and competitive pricing, making us a preferred OEM manufacturer for many renowned brands worldwide.

Our sectional screw flights are particularly noted for their robust construction and longevity, which significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs for our clients. Additionally, our thorough understanding of industry needs and our ability to deliver custom solutions make us a leader in the manufacturing of screw flights. Partner with Jingwei to enhance the operational efficiency of your machinery with our top-tier sectional screw flights.

By ensuring each product segment meets specific operational requirements and leveraging our deep industry knowledge, Jingwei continues to stand as a trusted and professional manufacturer in the global market.

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Max. Outer Diameter
Min. Inner Diameter
Band Thickness
Max O.D./I.D.
60~100 ≤1.00 480 25 3-16 ≤4.0
100~150 ≤1.25 480 30 3-18 ≤4.0
150~200 ≤1.33 520 50 3-20 ≤4.0
200~250 ≤1.43 630 60 3-25 ≤3.8
250~300 ≤1.43 670 65 3-25 ≤3.8
300~350 ≤1.43 900 90 3-30 ≤3.8
350~400 ≤1.43 950 90 3-30 ≤3.6
400~450 ≤1.43 950 95 3-30 ≤3.6
450~500 ≤1.43 1150 135 3-35 ≤3.6
500~550 ≤1.43 1300 150 3~40 ≤3.6
550~650 ≤1.43 1350 150 3~40 ≤3.3
650~750 ≤1.43 1400 200 3~45 ≤3.3
750~850 ≤1.43 1450 200 3~50 ≤3.3
850~950 ≤1.43 1450 250 3~55 ≤3.3
950~1050 ≤1.43 1500 300 3~55 ≤3.3
1050~1200 ≤1.47 1600 350 3~55 ≤3.0
1200~1250 ≤1.47 1800 400 3~55 ≤3.0
1250~1400 ≤1.47 2000 450 3~55 ≤3.0
1400~3000 ≤1.50 3000 480 3~60 ≤3.0