• Superior Durability: Enhanced wear and impact resistance for longevity in tough industrial environments.
  • Noise Reduction Capabilities: Ideal for use in settings where operational quietness is prioritized.
  • Customizable Hardness Levels: Adjustable properties to match specific operational needs.
  • Integrated Steel Mesh: Strengthens structural integrity and flexibility, reducing sheet aging.
  • Anti-Static Function: Ensures safe use in environments sensitive to static electricity.



Polyurethane (PU) casting sheets, manufactured by Jingwei, a professional manufacturer rooted in the fields of agriculture and food processing equipment, embody a pinnacle of material engineering tailored for robust industrial applications. PU casting sheets are renowned for their exceptional wear and impact resistance, qualities derived from their unique composition. Our sheets integrate a steel mesh within the PU matrix, enhancing their flexibility and shock absorption capabilities. This innovative design significantly curtails the aging process of the sheets, extending their lifespan in even the most challenging environments.

Our PU casting sheets are engineered with a broad range of hardness options, accommodating specific requirements for various industrial applications. This versatility allows for their use in environments that demand durability without sacrificing performance. Jingwei’s commitment to high-quality manufacturing ensures each sheet meets stringent standards, supporting OEM partnerships with numerous reputable brands.

Applications of PU Sheets in Industry

Jingwei’s PU sheets are ideally suited for a variety of industrial uses, particularly in ports and granaries where they serve as buffer boards and linings. The design and material properties of these sheets make them an excellent choice for applications requiring reduced noise and extended durability. Their implementation as linings in chutes and other material handling equipment significantly decreases the material breakage rate during transportation, thus optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing waste.

Additionally, the anti-static properties of our PU sheets ensure safe usage in environments where static accumulation can pose risks to both materials and workers. This feature is particularly valuable in industries dealing with flammable materials or sensitive electronic components.

The application range of Jingwei’s PU sheets demonstrates our capacity to address the specific needs of diverse sectors, thereby providing tailored solutions that enhance our clients’ operational capabilities.

Why Choose Jingwei’s PU Sheets

Choosing Jingwei for your PU casting sheet needs offers multiple advantages that set our products apart in the competitive market. Our factory-based R&D team focuses on continual improvement of product specifications to meet the evolving demands of industries we serve.

Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is evident in our tailored OEM services, where we collaborate closely with brands to produce components that meet precise specifications. We can also offer custom PU sheets based on your requirements at affordable prices! Contact us today to tailor your PU sheets!

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Item Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Outer Diameter(mm)
Sheet ≤6000 ≤2000 5~50 /
Sheet with steel wire ≤4000 ≤2000 10~20 /
Rod ≤1000 / / ≤500