PTFE Sheets and Rods

PTFE Sheets and Rods

  • Superior Chemical Resistance: Ideal for harsh environments where chemical corrosion is a concern.
  • High-Temperature Tolerance: Performs excellently in extreme temperatures from -180ºC to +260ºC.
  • Low Friction: Boasts the lowest friction coefficient of any solid material, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Versatile Manufacturing: Available in multiple forms including sheets, rods, and tubes, tailored to specific industry needs.
  • Trusted OEM Manufacturer: Renowned for high-quality outputs, serving numerous respected brands globally.


PTFE Sheets and Rods and Tubes Manufacturer Information

Model NO. / Kind Engineering Plastic Sheet
Water Absorption 1.5%~3.5% Contraction Percentage <0.4%
Tensile Strength 81~130MPa Product Name PTFE Engineering Plastic
Color White, Black, Orange, Green, etc Size Customized Size
Customization Available Transport Package Woven Bag, Carton, Pallet
Specification / Trademark JINGWEI
Origin China Production Capacity 10000pieces/Month


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known under the brand name Teflon, is recognized worldwide for its exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and its superb dielectric properties.

At Jingwei, a professional Chinese manufacturer with extensive experience in producing agricultural and grain-related conveyor and elevator components, we specialize in the development and manufacture of PTFE sheets and rods.

Our products are manufactured through injection molding and extrusion processes, ensuring high quality and consistency suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Key Features and Benefits of Jingwei’s PTFE Products

Our PTFE sheets and rods stand out in the market due to their remarkable properties.

These products can operate under extreme temperatures, ranging from -180ºC to +260ºC, without any load, making them incredibly versatile for various industrial settings. One of the most notable characteristics of PTFE is its lowest friction coefficient among known solid materials, which significantly enhances performance where low friction is essential.

Furthermore, our products boast the best chemical corrosion resistance among plastics, ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments.

Applications by PTFE Sheets and Rods

Jingwei’s PTFE sheets and rods are integral to various applications across diverse sectors. These materials are commonly used in chemical processing due to their inertness to most chemicals, making them ideal for gaskets, liners, and seals in corrosive environments.

Additionally, their excellent dielectric properties are invaluable in electrical and electronics manufacturing, for insulation and other critical components. The food industry also benefits from the use of PTFE in non-stick coatings for cookware and baking sheets, where high temperature and non-reactivity are crucial.

Customized service available

Our PTFE sheets and rods can be customized based on your business and brands. We can guarantee to offer you the best price of PTFE sheets and rods. You can contact us and leave your requirements today!

Inquiry for our PTFE Sheets and Rods

Customized PTFE Customized PTFE Produects Customized PTFE Produects
Customized PTFE Produects Customized PTFE Produects Customized PTFE Produects
Item Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Outer Diameter(mm)
Sheet ≤1500 ≤1500 1~60 /
Rod ≤1000 / / 4~1600
Stripe ≤1000 / / 40~300
Tube ≤300 / / 24~100