Conveyor Belt Joint Clamp Fasteners

Conveyor Belt Joint Clamp Fasteners

Jingwei’s belt fasteners, precision-crafted from durable materials like galvanized and stainless steel, offer you excellent strength and reliability for heavy-duty industrial applications. With models like the S4 and S5, engineered for maximum load capacity and corrosion resistance, Jingwei ensures your conveyor systems run smoothly with minimal downtime. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote for your conveyor needs!



Types of Belt Clamp Fasteners

Types of Belt Clamp Fasteners

S1 Belt Fasteners

Jingwei’s S1 belt fastener, designed for superior durability and performance, is meticulously crafted through an integral stamping process from high-quality galvanized carbon steel. This construction ensures exceptional corrosion resistance and robustness. The fastener is characterized by impressive tensile strength, capable of withstanding up to 800 KN/m. It is equipped with a collet measuring 45mm in width and 62mm in height, paired with a bolt length of 50mm, which together ensure a secure and stable attachment to the conveyor belt.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The S1 belt fastener is ideally suited for heavy-duty industrial applications where conveyor belts experience substantial loads and require reliability over extended periods. It is particularly valuable in the mining and quarrying sectors, agriculture for bulk grain transport, and various manufacturing processes. In these environments, the S1 fastener’s strength and durability play critical roles in maintaining continuous operations without the frequent need for maintenance.

Applications and Benefits

Adopting the S1 belt fastener in conveyor systems offers enhanced operational reliability, significantly reducing the likelihood of mechanical failures and associated downtime. Its ease of installation and maintenance are pivotal, allowing for quick adjustments and replacements without specialized tools. Moreover, the use of durable galvanized carbon steel not only prolongs the life of the fasteners but also provides a cost-effective solution by minimizing the need for frequent replacements. This makes the S1 belt fastener a preferred choice among brand manufacturers and procurement professionals looking for dependable conveyor solutions in challenging industrial settings.


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S2 Belt Fasteners

Jingwei’s S2 belt fastener is engineered through an advanced forming technique that combines integral stamping with welding, resulting in a highly robust structure. Made from galvanized carbon steel, this fastener is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions with enhanced corrosion resistance. The S2 model stands out with its exceptional tensile strength, capable of handling up to 1000 KN/m, which supports more demanding applications compared to many other fasteners. It is equipped with a collet that measures 45mm in width and 68mm in height, providing a reliable grip on the conveyor belt. A key feature of the S2 is its extended bolt length of 120mm, which offers deeper engagement for increased stability and security in high-load scenarios.


Ideal Usage Scenarios

The S2 belt fastener is tailored for heavy-duty industrial environments where conveyor belts endure high stress and significant wear and tear. This fastener is especially effective in industries such as mining and construction, where the belts must handle extreme loads and the fastening system must maintain its integrity under intense operational demands. Additionally, its robust design makes it suitable for applications in the heavy machinery sector, where prolonged durability and reliability are critical.

Applications and Benefits

The integration of the S2 belt fastener into conveyor systems translates to enhanced operational efficiency and reliability. Its unique construction, featuring a longer bolt and a blend of stamping and welding, provides a superior hold that reduces the risk of mechanical breakdowns. This reduction in potential failures minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, crucial in sectors where operational continuity is key. The use of galvanized carbon steel not only ensures longevity but also reduces the frequency of fastener replacements, providing a cost-effective solution for managing high-performance conveyor systems.

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S4 and S5 Belt Fasteners

Jingwei’s S4 and S5 belt fasteners distinguish themselves through their advanced precision casting process, which involves three distinct parts, enhancing their structural integrity and durability. Both models are available in two material options: galvanized cast steel for standard applications and stainless steel for environments requiring higher corrosion resistance.

The S4 belt fastener boasts a strength capacity of up to 1200 KN/m, making it suitable for heavy-duty operations. It features a collet width of 48mm and a height of 72mm, dimensions that ensure a robust and secure fit.

In comparison, the S5 belt fastener is designed for even more demanding applications, with a maximum strength of 1600 KN/m. It shares the same collet width of 48mm but has a slightly taller height of 75mm, providing extra grip and strength that are critical in high-load environments.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The S4 fastener is ideally suited for industrial sectors such as manufacturing and processing where reliable fastening is essential but not to the extremes of more harsh environments. Its robust design and material choice make it a dependable option for a wide range of applications.

The S5 fastener, with its superior strength, is particularly effective in industries like mining, heavy construction, and any applications involving extreme mechanical stresses where its high performance can prevent slippage and extend the operational life of conveyor systems.

Applications and Benefits

The unique precision casting of the S4 and S5 belt fasteners ensures that they provide excellent load distribution across the belt, reducing the risk of belt damage and prolonging the belt’s life. The choice between galvanized cast steel and stainless steel allows for customization based on environmental conditions, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

The S4 and S5 models offer improved operational reliability, with their enhanced specifications designed to handle higher and more intense loads. This capability helps minimize downtime and maintenance interventions, crucial in high-stakes industrial settings. Furthermore, the advanced material engineering promotes longer service life, resulting in cost savings from reduced replacement frequency and lower inventory costs.

These descriptions underscore the tailored applications and benefits of Jingwei’s S4 and S5 belt fasteners, highlighting their suitability for different industrial requirements and environments. Each fastener model is crafted to provide secure, reliable, and durable solutions to meet the demanding needs of various heavy-duty conveyor applications.


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Features of Jingwei Belt Fasteners

Jingwei, a leading belt fastener manufacturer and supplier, specializes in the production of high-quality conveyor and elevator components, predominantly for the agricultural and grain handling industries. As an OEM for numerous well-known brands, Jingwei guarantees a high yield rate, substantial production capacity, and competitive pricing.

Our conveyor belt clamp fasteners are engineered to significantly enhance the operational reliability, safety, and lifespan of elevator belts. Recognized as the safest and most economical design available today, these belt fasteners have earned widespread acclaim and are extensively utilized by several conveyor equipment manufacturers.

  • Model S1 Belt Fasteners: Crafted through an integral stamping process, these fasteners are made from galvanized carbon steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Models S4 and S5 Belt Fasteners: Precision cast from three distinct parts, these are available in both galvanized cast steel and stainless steel, offering options for different environmental conditions.
  • Performance Characteristics: Noted for their lightweight yet strong structure, these belt fasteners reduce the need for high driving power. They also feature fire resistance and anti-static properties, making them ideal for grain handling applications.
  • Robust Fixing Mechanism: Equipped with 8.8 grade high-strength bolts and thickened self-locking nuts, our fasteners provide a secure fit that prevents loosening during operation.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed with a combined structure that is simple to interchange and install, these fasteners ensure high assembly precision and feature surface galvanizing for an excellent anti-rust effect.

Why Choose Jingwei as Your Belt Fastener Supplier?

Opt for Jingwei’s expertise in conveyor belt clamp fastener technology to enhance the efficiency and safety of your conveyor systems. Our commitment to quality, alongside our robust design and manufacturing capabilities, positions Jingwei as the preferred partner for industry leaders seeking reliable belt fastener solutions. Contact us today for your belt fasteners!



S1 S2 S4 S5
Strength ≤800KN/m Strength≤1000KN/m Strength≤1200KN/m Strength≤1600KN/m
Collet width W=45mm Collet width W=45mm Collet width W=48mm Collet width W=48mm
Collet height H=62mm Collet height H=68mm Collet height H=72mm Collet height H=75mm
Bolt length L=50mm Bolt length L=120mm Bolt length L=130mm Bolt length L=120mm
Thread specification M1bolt strength class 8.8