Anti-Static Food Grade Cotton Sieve Cleaner Cotton Sifter Cleaner Pad

Anti-Static Food Grade Cotton Sieve Cleaner Cotton Sifter Cleaner Pad

  • Enhanced Bounce Design: Unique outlines and convex centers for better sieve cleaning.
  • Durable Materials: Robust construction like cotton canvas extends sieve lifespan.
  • Integrated Cleaning Brushes: Brushes in select models simultaneously clean while bouncing.
  • Center Rivet Feature: Improves movement and contact with sieves for effective cleaning.


Durable and Efficient Sieve Cleaners

We are a primary manufacturer that offers a diverse range of sieve cleaners known for their durability and efficiency.

Our products, including the Small Triangle (QA15), Rivet Triangle (QD21), Cotton Canvas Pad (QB32), Big Triangle (QA26), Brush Triangle (QM25), and Big Brush (QMW42), are designed with unique features to meet the rigorous demands of the food processing industry. Check the follow parts example in the image.

Each model boasts specialized designs such as unique outlines, convex centers for enhanced bounce, center rivets for better contact, and dual-function brushes for simultaneous cleaning and bouncing. Our commitment to high quality standards ensures that each cleaner improves the performance and lifespan of sieves in various milling processes, making Jingwei the go-to OEM for numerous well-known brands.

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Types of Sieve Cleaners

At Jingwei, we understand that material quality and design intricacy play critical roles in the functionality of sieve cleaners.

Our products are crafted using superior materials that not only withstand the physical demands of grain processing but also contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of the sieves. For instance, the Cotton Canvas Pad (QB32) is designed with a soft yet durable cotton layer that protects the sieve from damage, thereby extending its working life. Similarly, our Brush Triangle (QM25) and Big Brush (QMW42) uses high-quality bristles that clean the sieve during operation, significantly enhancing the cleaning process without compromising the sieve’s integrity.

These thoughtful designs and material choices reflect Jingwei’s expertise in creating products that deliver reliability and outstanding results.

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Sieve cleaners

Material: Polyurethane

Small Triangle Big Triangle Rivet Triangle  Brush Triangle  Cotton Canvas pad Big Brush Crisscross Diamond Type Rectangle Type Quincunx  Type
QA15 QA26 QD21 QM25 QB32 QMW42 TS32 TL42 TF55 TM68

different tyes of Sieve cleaners