Anti Abrasive Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Anti Abrasive Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Constructed using reinforced nylon material and leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques, this gear wheel is designed to mitigate potential damage effectively. It offers superior wear resistance, enhanced strength, and exceptional impact resistance when compared to standard nylon materials.

In comparison to traditional metal rail systems, our nylon gear wheel provides a more stable support mechanism, while facilitating smoother chain operations. This product is specifically engineered for use in supporting chains within conveyor systems, accommodating both long-distance transportation and complex operational conditions.


Basic Info.

Model NO. TG Certificate ISO
Size Customized Size MOQ 10PCS
Transport Package Cartons Trademark JINGWEI
Origin China
Production Capacity
10000pieces / Month


Packaging & Delivery

Package Size 30.00cm * 30.00cm * 30.00cm
Package Gross Weight 10.0kg

Custom Conveyor Chain Sprocket Design

A well-designed sprocket ensures smooth operation, minimal wear on the chain, and reliable performance under various operational conditions.

That’s why we customize sprockets that include features such as induction-hardened teeth for extra durability, special mounting holes, or unique profiles for specific types of chains.

Our engineering process involves calculating the load requirements, analyzing the speed and torque needs, and ensuring compatibility with the conveyor system’s overall design. The goal is to optimize the sprocket’s performance for your specific application, whether it involves heavy loads, high speeds, or challenging environmental conditions.


drag chain conveyor sprockets


Conveyor Chain Sprocket Dimensions

Conveyor chain sprocket dimensions can vary widely depending on the specific application, the type of conveyor chain used, and the requirements of the conveyor system. Here is our common dimensions of our conveyor chain sprockets and of course we can manufacture sprockets based on your conveyor chain needs.

Conveyor Chain Sprocket Catalogue

If you are interested in our conveyor chain sprocket made in nylon, then contact us directly to get your chain sprocket catalogue in detail. We have included types of sprockets available and some of the specifications with extensive listings of sizes, materials, and options, along with technical drawings, installation guides, and compatibility charts.


Whether you need conveyor chain sprockets for your Long-distance conveying, heavier loads, use them for High load under abrasive conditions, or just want to tailor your own sprockets for unique applications or specific industrial requirements, Jingwei can do it for you! Just contact us and tell us what you want!