Drag Conveyor Components

Find top-quality drag conveyor parts at JingWei. Our selection includes durable components designed to maximize efficiency and longevity in your material handling system.


What are some drag conveyor components?


The backbone of any drag conveyor is its chain. This isn’t just any chain; it’s a heavy-duty, engineered marvel designed to withstand the rigors of moving materials like grains, coal, or aggregates. The chain’s design ensures minimal friction and wear, translating to longer life and reduced maintenance costs. Jingwei offers all types of bush roller chains for scraper and drag conveyors. We can customize the specs you want from the material to the size to perfectly fit your requirements. Contact us for your enquiry here.


Attached to the chain are flights, which are the workhorses that physically push or drag the material through the conveyor. Flights come in various materials and designs, tailored to the specific needs of the material being transported. Whether it’s high-impact plastics for gentle handling of grains or hardened steel for abrasive materials, choosing the right flight material is crucial for efficiency and longevity. Our flights are made based on your needs as we have our own factory and design team. Don’t waste your time and money on low quality flights, instead, come and talk to us to make bulk flights at affordable prices!


Driving the chain and flights are the sprockets. Located at the conveyor’s ends, sprockets engage with the chain, providing the necessary power to move materials. Proper sprocket alignment and maintenance are essential for smooth operation and to prevent unnecessary wear on the chain and itself. Here at Jingwei we have made our nylon sprockets and stainless steel sprockets to largely enhance the wear resistance and strength, and thereby improving your conveyors’ efficiency.


The conveyor’s trough houses the chain and flights, guiding them along the desired path. Troughs can be designed for a variety of conditions, including dust-tight environments to prevent material loss and contamination. The material and design of the trough play a significant role in the conveyor’s overall efficiency and safety.

Inlets and Outlets

Where materials enter and exit the conveyor are the inlets and outlets, respectively. These components can be customized to fit the layout and requirements of any operation, ensuring seamless integration with other equipment. Proper design ensures efficient material flow and prevents bottlenecks or spillage.

Motors and Reducers

Providing the power to move materials are the motors and reducers. These components are selected based on the conveyor’s length, the weight of the material being moved, and the required speed of operation. Energy-efficient motors and properly sized reducers can significantly reduce operating costs.

1. What makes Jingwei stand out as a manufacturer of drag chain conveyor replacement parts?

Jingwei sets itself apart through a combination of large-scale production capabilities and high-quality standards. With over ten units of advanced 250-2500g injection molding machines and comprehensive production lines dedicated to conveyor chains, elevator bolts, and accessories, we ensure a robust product output. Our product quality is strictly managed under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and has been recognized with SGS certification. Additionally, Jingwei’s adoption of the ERP system enhances our product management, ensuring we provide efficient and superior services that align with both domestic needs and international trends.

2. What types of drag chain conveyor parts does Jingwei offer, and how do they cater to specific industry needs?

Jingwei specializes in a broad range of drag chain conveyor components, including Anti-Abrasive Conveyor Chain Sprockets, Conveyor Chain Drag Wear Resistant UHMWPE Flights Anti-Impact, Conveyor Chain Wheel Sprockets, and Jingwei GLR for TGSU Scraper Conveyor Chain Drags Roller Conveyor Chains. These components are designed to offer solutions for various industry requirements, emphasizing durability, wear resistance, and impact resistance. Our products cater to a wide range of applications, particularly in environments where abrasion and impact are significant concerns, ensuring longevity and efficiency in your conveyor operations.

3. How does Jingwei support its international clientele in the conveyor industry?

Zhenjiang Jingwei Conveying Technology Co., Ltd. prides itself on having an exceptional foreign trade sales and service team that serves customers from over 50 countries across Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other regions. Our team’s enterprise spirit of “integrity, practicability, and innovation” drives us to offer efficient and superior services, aiming to become one of the industry’s best one-stop suppliers. We fully understand the development trends and customer needs at both domestic and international levels, enabling us to provide tailored and effective conveyor solutions worldwide.

4. Can Jingwei customize conveyor components to meet specific operational requirements?

Yes, Jingwei is equipped to customize conveyor components to meet unique operational needs. Our extensive range of grain machine accessories and products is developed based on a thorough analysis of domestic customer needs and the development trend of foreign customers. This approach allows us to offer high-cost performance products that can be tailored to specific applications, ensuring that our components perfectly fit your conveyor system’s requirements for performance, durability, and efficiency.

5. What are Jingwei’s commitments to product quality and customer service?

Jingwei is committed to delivering the highest quality drag chain conveyor components, adhering to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and backed by SGS certification. Our introduction of the ERP system further exemplifies our dedication to quality management and product information organization. Coupled with our enterprise spirit of “integrity, practicability, and innovation,” Jingwei strives to provide efficient, superior services and become a leading one-stop supplier in the conveyor industry. Our commitment extends beyond product quality to encompass comprehensive support for our customers worldwide, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from inquiry to post-sale support.