What is the ISO standard for bucket elevators?

What is the ISO standard for bucket elevators?

The ISO standard for bucket elevators, particularly relevant to the design and safety requirements, is ISO 7189:2021. This standard focuses on “Continuous mechanical handling equipment – Apron and bucket elevators – Design and manufacturing.”

Key Features of ISO 7189:2021

  • Safety Requirements: It specifies comprehensive safety requirements for bucket elevators and associated equipment.
  • Design Guidelines: The standard provides guidelines on the design to ensure reliability and safety in the operation of bucket elevators.
  • Manufacturing Specifications: It details the specifications for manufacturing bucket elevators, ensuring consistency and quality in production.
  • Testing Protocols: Includes protocols for testing bucket elevators to verify they meet the necessary safety and operational requirements.

This standard is essential for manufacturers and users of bucket elevators, as it helps to ensure that the equipment is both safe and effective for industrial and commercial use. Compliance with ISO 7189:2021 can also facilitate international trade by meeting globally recognized safety and design benchmarks. If you’re involved in the design, manufacturing, or use of bucket elevators, referring to this standard can help maintain high standards of safety and efficiency.

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